This is the bit where I wow you with my words, except I’m more of a visual speaker so instead I’ll start with a list of things that please and inspire me and we can just take it from there and see where we end up, yes?

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My ‘Writing Hurts My Brain’ face, March 2017

Things that I like/am inspired by:

  • Descriptive lists
  • People – of all kinds, in all shapes, sizes & colours (especially my children)
  • Objects made by hand – of all kinds, in all shapes & colours
  • Unexplained & invisible ‘stuff’, the feelings/emotions/instinctive elements of being us
  • Surfaces, textures & layers –  of all kinds, in all shapes, sizes & colours
  • Materials, I’m greedy and will devour whatever is appropriate to say what I need to say. Paint in all forms is sexy though.
  • Love – of all kinds, in all shapes, sizes & colours

Documenting my installation, June 2016

I work using a variety of mediums, very much mood dependent, I am usually to be found alone in my studio shed (possibly with my cat, Olive)  at the end of our garden arguing with myself about who’s turn it is to put the kettle on.

Hair colour changes with the seasons and moods.

I’m more affected and amazed by the moon cycles than I’m comfortable admitting in mainstream social situations.

I eat more mayonnaise than it is healthy to but it is my only vice so I give zero f*cks.

img_5239   img_5242

photographing-painting   img_5339

Above Images from: Painting With A Pearl Necklace On, 2009

Thanks for reading this if you’ve made it this far!

Kit x